Summer is around the corner and everyone is busy getting their backyard and home exterior summer-ready and more glamorous than ever. The last couple of years, we are putting more and more emphasis on our outdoor spaces and trying to make them as warm and cozy as possible.

In fact, we pay just as much attention to our outdoor living space and our home’s exterior as we do to the inside of our home. And, the reason for that, is because we want to make our home look its best!

Before deciding on how to decorate your outdoor space, you need to decide if you’re going to be using it to lounge around or to dine with family and friends or both. After visualizing or even roughly sketching your space, you are ready to go out and buy the furniture that will be best suited to your space.

Outdoor Furniture

For an intimate setting, use comfortable couches, a table and an indoor/outdoor rug. Garden stools can also add warmth and personality.

If you want a dining area, choose a table that fits your space. Here too, a rug would finish the space nicely. If you live in an apartment or condo, choose a furniture set that best fits the space.

Don’t forget to accessorise

Accessorise the outside just like you would the inside.

Add splashes of color and pattern with cushions and throws on your couches and chairs. Decorative accents and sculptures, plants in bright bold colored planters and metal hurricane lanterns (whether placed on the table or on the floor) add a modern yet elegant twist to the space. Be careful not to over clutter the space and make sure to choose colors that will go with the siding on your home.

Lighting sets the mood

String lights across the patio area or on a nearby tree in the backyard or attached to an umbrella set the mood and add ambiance. Place a few different size candles or lanterns on the table (flameless candles are very popular and safe) and you will not want to go back inside. Let the good times roll!