Who doesn’t dream about heading up to the cottage for a peaceful weekend by the lake? Pure bliss and serenity.

This 2-story lake home was built using Kaycan DaVinci™ Cabot Blue vinyl siding, with 6” White Traditional Corners and White Accessories. The homeowner was looking to build a home that would accompany the surrounding scenery, and chose a color that differed from those around the neighborhood. From the wide array of vinyl siding profiles and color options, the homeowner chose the dark and bold Cabot Blue. With our Helios Technology, the homeowner can rest assured that the color won’t fade and will last for years to come. https://bit.ly/1TZiKJz

Kaycan DaVinciTM vinyl siding delivers a timeless, elegant style with deep, long-lasting colors – produced using the highest quality pigments that are saturated throughout the panel. The result: a home that stands out for its beauty and sophistication.

Curb appeal at its finest.  A country home built for country life. Happy Summer!