The fall season brings forth a crisp tinge in the air, cozy sweaters, deliciously flavored lattes and, of course, magnificent colors! Now that the flowers have faded around our homes, it is easy for us to overlook the exterior.  Here are a few simple tips to add curb appeal this fall:

Dress up your entry

Your entry is your home’s first impression. Make sure to keep it clean, a quick sweep to remove dirt and cobwebs is a start. Replace any rusted or corroded hardware will easily improve the look. Adding a new doormat will bring it all together. Think of introducing a pop of color here and remember this is an inexpensive way to brighten up your doorway.

Light it up

Make sure your home is well lit. As we know, darkness will befall a little faster than what we are used to, ensuring that your home is brightly lit will make it more welcoming. Investing in new light fixtures can really make a statement. Think of changing the shape or color for added interest. Adding solar lights along your walkway and garden will further illuminate your home and make it stand out from the rest.

Trim it back

Did you know that that landscaping can amount to 15% of your home’s value! Keeping it in tip top shape is a must. Although the falling leaves blanketing your yard can be a stunning picture, they will need to be raked. Removing faded seasonal plants and trimming back dead growth will keep your home from looking neglected. Bring back color and life by placing pots of seasonal plants such as mums on your porch.

Less is more

While we mentioned adding potted plants, be sure not to overdo it. Too many colors and decorations can take away from your home’s beauty. Keeping one color scheme with different shades is a great trick. Adding gourds and pumpkins in a variety of sizes can provide visual interest without being overbearing.

Tie it all together

Another great tip to make your home look up to date this fall is to ensure that all is coordinated. Not only should your decor be all in the same hues, your light fixtures and hardware should also be. Making these design elements match will elevate your home’s style. Think of keeping the textures similar, matte or shiny, for a cohesive look. Changing out the numbers of your address to a more sophisticated look can instantly dress up your home.

Regardless of the season, your home should always be welcoming. Incorporating a few simple changes will keep it looking current and make it stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood. Looking for a bit more of an exterior makeover?  Find tips to make the right choices here!

Now for that pumpkin flavored latte…