What Vinyl Siding Colors are Trending for 2022?

2022-09-30T13:19:27-04:00Learning Center Articles, News, Tips|

Kaycan Vinyl Siding Color Trends 2022 We believe that color has the power to transform the look of any project, and not to mention [...]

The Ultimate Vinyl Siding Style Guide

2021-12-09T13:52:17-05:00Learning Center Articles, News, Tips, Vertical Siding|

Along with the fact that it looks like genuine wood, vinyl siding has many different benefits; such as energy efficiency, water resistance and low [...]

5 Vinyl Siding Styles for Your Home

2022-06-21T13:27:55-04:00Learning Center Articles, News, Tips|

Remodeling your home’s exterior is quite an undertaking but once you choose your cladding material you’re all good, right? Well, not quite. For example, [...]

Green Building – Recycling Vinyl Siding

2021-11-24T11:51:58-05:00News, Tips|

Building a “green” home is becoming more mainstream, with no end in sight. So much so that the green home builder market share is [...]

Bring on the Finishing Touches with Kaycan Accessories!

2021-11-24T10:06:56-05:00News, Tips|

A home with charm and personality will catch the eye of any passerby. Choosing the right finishing touches for your home will significantly improve [...]

Looking for the Perfect touch? Check out Perfection Rustic Shingles

2021-09-29T11:59:34-04:00News, Tips|

Are you looking at remodeling or updating your home’s exterior this year?  Considered adding shake siding!  Shake siding has a unique look that can [...]

Trendy White Board and Batten Siding

2021-09-20T08:14:37-04:00News, Pro Center Articles, Tips, Vertical Siding|

Achieve the Modern Farmhouse look with White Board and Batten The appeal of the modern “farmhouse” style is definitely at the top of the [...]

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Insulated Siding

2021-08-19T14:48:53-04:00Learning Center Articles, News, Tips|

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Insulated Siding All homeowners are concerned about how their house appears on the outside. However like many things in [...]

Moving Towards Building Green

2021-08-05T14:07:02-04:00Learning Center Articles, News, Pro Center Articles, Tips|

The topic of climate change is definitely front and center as of late. Our governments, as well as ourselves, are all trying to do [...]

House Siding Ideas

2021-08-04T16:29:21-04:00Dark siding colors, Learning Center Articles, Pro Center Articles, Tips|

Are you remodeling your home but are not sure where to start? Here is your complete guide, meant to inform and inspire so that [...]

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