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Kaycan’s Plastmo Vinyl Rainware Collection exceeds the most stringent industry and government standards at all stages of manufacturing, and is available in three different profiles: K-Snap, U-Snap and Classic Half-Round for a modern touch. Durable, scratch-resistant, easy-to-install and very low maintenance, the Plastmo vinyl rainware line is available in a range of designer colors and is complemented by a fully coordinated accessories line.

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K-Snap Vinyl Rainware

Plastmo’s K-Snap Vinyl Rainware exceeds the most stringent industry and government standards at all stages of manufacturing. Durable, scratch-resistant, easy-to-install and very low maintenance, Plastmo’s K-Snap line is available in a range of designer colors and complemented by a fully coordinated accessories line.

Our Plastmo K-Snap vinyl “K-style” rainware system offers a range of choices to complement and protect your home.** (see below)

Reinforced Gutter Rim
The reinforced rim ensures a straight attractive profile and prevents the gutter from bowing, warping or sagging.
Heavy Duty Brackets
The heavy duty brackets can support the weight of heavy ice and snow. The special Plastmo compound is designed for strength, flexibility and resiliency in order to withstand the most extreme climates.
Permanently welded joints
Gutter joints are permanently “welded” with the use of Plastmo cement. Plastmo is THE vinyl gutter system that is truly seamless in concept. Plastmo has no compression seals. Once assembled, the gutters act as one piece. Moreover, the streamlined look minimizes bumps and gaps between the elements.
Easy Cleaning
Snap apart downspouts are easily removed for cleaning and house painting. Smooth joints and no sharp edges ensure unhindered water flow, making the rainware easy to maintain by keeping debris to an absolute minimum.
Easy to install – Snaps together
Precise engineering ensures effortless assembly as snap-together components permit installation in less time than other systems. Plastmo is easily cut with a hacksaw and joined with Plastmo Cement for a permanent joint. Cementing the pieces together is fast and secure – no special skills, tools or training are needed.
Plastmo is made of solid vinyl that will not leak, chip, rust, dent or peel. Plastmo is unaffected by air pollution, acid rain, salty sea air or leaf acid. (Common causes of metal gutter deterioration).

K-Snap Vinyl Rainware System

K-Snap GutterK-Snap GutterK01410′10
K-Snap Joint ConnectorK-Snap Joint ConnectorK02440
K-Snap Expansion ConnectorK-Snap Joint ConnectorK0345
K-Snap Outside CornerK-Snap Outside CornerK04410
K-Snap Inside CornerK-Snap Inside CornerK05410
K-Snap HangerK-Snap HangerK06475
K-Snap Drop Outlet *for square downspoutK-Snap Drop Outlet
*for square downspout
K-Snap Drop Outlet *for ribbed downspoutK-Snap Drop Outlet
*for ribbed downspout
K-Snap Drop Outlet *for round downspoutK-Snap Drop Outlet
*for round downspout
K-Snap ScrewsK-Snap ScrewsK31010
K-Snap WedgeK-Snap WedgeK300200
K-Snap End CapK-Snap End CapK0842
K-Snap CementK-Snap CementP24010
K-Snap Drip EdgeK-Snap Drip EdgeK400 2m10
K-Snap Leaf GuardK-Snap Leaf GuardK2501.5m20
Ribbed DownspoutDescriptionItem#Pcs/CtnLength
Ribbed DownspoutRibbed DownspoutK15015
150 ft./Ctn
Swing-up OutletSwing-up OutletK1806
Square DownspoutDescriptionItem#Pcs/CtnLength
Square DownspoutSquare DownspoutSquare DownspoutK16010
100 ft./Ctn
Swing-up OutletSwing-up OutletK1706
Round DownspoutDescriptionItem#Pcs/CtnLength
 Round DownspoutRound DownspoutRound DownspoutK1607
70 ft./Ctn
Swing-up OutletSwing-up OutletP3204
Well OutletWell OutletP2104
Round Well CapRound Well CapP2208
Round Junction 75°Round Junction 75°P1801

If you are fairly handy with tools and overall home improvements don’t intimidate you then yes, vinyl is fairly easy to install. Kaycan recommends reading our installation manual closely. Be sure to follow all directions carefully. Remember, improper installation can void your warranty.

K-Snap Installation Guide
Complete Vinyl Rainware System Check List
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U-Snap Vinyl Rainware