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Vertical Board & Batten Siding – Inspired by Versatility

What is Board and Batten?

Traditionally board and batten-style siding is found on barns and farms. Available in smooth (white only) and woodgrain finishes, providing distinct shadow lines, board and batten exterior siding can be used in a variety of styles. On certain homes, it will serve as a focal point, either in the gables or around the bottom portion of the home. These applications would require a contrasting color to bring out these features; we suggest pairing neutral siding colors with rich bold accents.

This vertical siding option is a great choice for modern homes where large windows and dark trims take center stage. This profile, featuring a full 7” exposure, is a perfect match for this architectural style. Look for bright, rich colors to add depth to your design.

Find design and style tips to incorporate on your next project.

Take a look at our profile details and color offerings below.

Board And Batten Siding


Color Options

Every effort has been made to make the colors in this application as accurate as possible. However, as colors shown are digitally reproduced, and are viewed differently depending on the electronic device used, we recommend you make final color decisions using actual product samples. Colors are subject to change without notice.

Available in smooth finish only.
** Available in wood grain finish only.
*** Available in smooth and wood grain finish.
Not all colors are available in all profiles.