I-Span™ Polymeric Interior Wall & Ceiling Liner System

When maintaining the highest level of cleanliness is a priority, I-Span™ Polymeric Interior Wall & Ceiling Liner System is the clear choice. It is completely sanitary, protecting against all types of infestations, chemical erosions and safe guarding against bacteria perfect for commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities. The I-Span system can be installed horizontally or vertically on either walls or ceilings.

The perfect solution for : dairy farms, car washes, industrial kitchens, indoor swimming pool areas, veterinary clinics, kennels as well as agricultural grow operations.


Color Options

Available in white only

  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals.
  • Panels are 12″ wide featuring our distinct double wall system for added resistance and strength.
  • No exposed fasteners provides a unified look.
  • Minimum maintenance, never needs painting or surface finishing.
  • Class A fire rating.

*Available in lengths of 10′, 12’ and 16′ to fit any project requirement. Special length available upon request for larger projects up to 20′

I Span™ 10′VDSWC12100110′186
I Span™ 12’VDSWC12120112′186
I Span™ 16’VDSWC12160116′186

3/8” inside Cove trimVICISP0110′25
Universal TrimVCISP0110′10
J Trim32640110′20
H Trim32630110′20
Base TrimVBISP0110′20
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