Aluminum Trims, Accessories, Fascias & Coil
Limitless Design Possibilities

Kaycan’s Aluminum Accessories offer limitless design possibilities and quality that withstands the test of time.

Color matched to Kaycan’s Aluminum and Vinyl Siding and Soffit, Kaycan Aluminum Accessories are coated with the same thermo-setting polyester Polycoat 9000™ topcoat used on Kaycan Aluminum Siding for a durable and fade resistant paint finish with the highest abrasion-resistant factor on the market. Kaycan offers a complete color co-ordinated range of accessories.

Aluminum Trims, Accessories, Fascias & Coil

Color Options

Please contact your local representative for availability, as not every aluminum trim comes in every color.


Flat Stock Trim Coils

24” X 30 m Aluminum Flatstock – Matchcoat0722
24” X 30 m Aluminum Flatstock – HG0729
24” X 30 m Aluminum Flatstock0721
36” X 30 m Aluminum Flatstock0728
24” X 15 m Aluminum Flatstock0719
24” X 50’ Aluminum Flatstock – Matchcoat0727
24” X 50’ Aluminum Flatstock – Solmica PVC coated0331

**Note – Direct contact of Aluminum products with certain dissimilar materials or contact with the water run off from such materials is likely to result in corrosion. Therefore care should be exercised to avoid contact of Aluminum with any corrosive materials during installation including but not limited to: pretreated lumber, concrete, masonry cement, stucco, salt, corrosive chemicals, dissimilar metals (copper, zinc, steel, etc.)

1/2" J Trim1/2″ J Trim
P1S: 1042
P2S: 1043
1 1/8" J Trim1 1/8″ J Trim
L TrimL Trim
Super J TrimSuper J Trim
Drip CapDrip Cap
2" Drip Cap2″ Drip Cap
3" Drip Cap3″ Drip Cap
Belt LineBelt Line117012′30
Kaylok Aluminum StarterKaylok Aluminum Starter
Outside CornerOutside Corner
Inside CornerInside Corner
Undersill TrimUndersill Trim
Gable TrimGable Trim
Reversible Drip CapReversible Drip Cap
2 Pieces Corner2-Piece Corner
Create using Aluminum Corner
Cap and Vinyl Base Corner
Aluminum Corner CapAluminum Corner Cap
Vinyl Base CornerVinyl Base Corner
Starter StripStarter Strip
Large Gable TrimLarge Gable Trim

Kaylok Steel Starter Trim
 Kaylok Steel Starter Trim108310′30
Trimboard Drip CapTrimboard Drip Cap1268 12′40
2″ Smooth Drip Edge2″ Smooth Drip Edge
2″ Smooth Drip Edge HG2″ Smooth Drip Edge HG974612′40
2″ Cedar Embossed Drip Edge2″ Cedar Embossed Drip Edge974212′50
2 1/2" Cedar Embossed Drip Edge2 1/2″ Cedar Embossed Drip Edge974812′40
F 4 1/2" Aluminum Drip EdgeF 4 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge975210′50
F 4 1/2" Aluminum Drip Edge HGF 4 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge HG975310′50
C 3 1/2" Aluminum Drip EdgeC 3 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge975410′50
C 3 1/2" Aluminum Drip Edge HGC 3 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge HG975510′50
C 4 1/2" Aluminum Drip EdgeC 4 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge975610′50
C 4 1/2" Aluminum Drip Edge HGC 4 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge HG975710′50
F 5 1/2" Aluminum Drip EdgeF 5 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge975910′50
F 5 1/2" Aluminum Drip Edge HGF 5 1/2″ Aluminum Drip Edge HG975810′50
Special Eaves StarterSpecial Eaves Starter10869′-10″30
Regular Eaves StarterRegular Eaves Starter10849′-10″24
Aluminum Roof EdgeAluminum Roof Edge21019′-10″25
4" Fascia Smooth4″ Fascia Smooth970012′24
6" Fascia Smooth6″ Fascia Smooth970512′24
8" Fascia Smooth8″ Fascia Smooth971012′24
4" Cedar Embossed Fascia4″ Cedar Embossed Fascia970112′24
6" Cedar Embossed Fascia6″ Cedar Embossed Fascia970612′24
8" Cedar Embossed Fascia8″ Cedar Embossed Fascia971112′24
3/8" Soffit J Trim3/8″ Soffit J Trim102912′50
3/8" Soffit F Trim3/8″ Soffit F Trim119112′50
3/8" Soffit F Trim HG3/8″ Soffit F Trim HG119212′50
9/16" Soffit F Trim9/16″ Soffit F Trim119412′40
1/2" J Trim1/2″ J TrimP1S:104212′50
1/2" J Trim1/2″ J TrimP1S:104312′50
Kaycan Aluminium Soffit, Siding, Trims, Fascia and Accessories
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