Aluminum Soffit – Long Lasting Style

Kaycan Aluminum Soffit creates a beautifully enduring finish no matter what your home style. Available in regular and heavy gauge for long lasting performance.

Our Aluminum Soffit, as with all Kaycan’s Aluminum products have long been the established standard within the industry, with a proven track record of over four decades of sturdiness, performance and beauty.

Aluminum Soffit


Color Options

Every effort has been made to make the colors in this application as accurate as possible. However, as colors shown are digitally reproduced, and are viewed differently depending on the electronic device used, we recommend you make final color decisions using actual product samples. Colors are subject to change without notice.
Not all colors are available in all profiles.

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All of Kaycan’s Aluminum Products are coated using a proprietary two-coat system and an advanced Polycoat 9000™ topcoat, followed by a baked-on process for an extremely durable and fade-resistant paint finish. Kaycan’s coating has the lowest abrasive characteristics in the industry.

Kaycan has taken full environmental responsibility far in advance of the industry with chrome-free processes, water-conservation practices and waste minimization through recycle and re-use programs.

Aluminum Soffit

  • Never needs painting.
  • Available in regular and heavy gauge for lasting performance and durability.
  • Available in an array of styles and colors coordinated to match or complement Kaycan vinyl and Aluminum siding.
SP-600 16" Vented SoffitSP-600 16″ Vented Soffit060512′192 sq ft12
SP-600 16" Solid SoffitSP-600 16″ Solid Soffit060612′192 sq ft12
12" Vented Aluminium 3-panel Soffit12″ Vented Aluminum
3-panel Soffit
951612′192 sq ft16
12" Vented Aluminium 3-panel Soffit HG12″ Vented Aluminum
3-panel Soffit HG
951712′192 sq ft16
12" Vented Aluminium 3-panel Soffit HG12″ Solid Aluminum
3-panel Soffit HG
951812′192 sq ft16
Quad 4 SolidQuad 4 Solid061212 ft.144 sq ft12
Quad 4 Solid HGQuad 4 Solid HG062612′144 sq ft12
Quad 4 Center VentQuad 4 Center Vent061112′144 sq ft12
Quad 4 Center Vent HGQuad 4 Center Vent HG061412′144 sq ft12
Quad 4 Full VentQuad 4 Full Vent060912′144 sq ft12