Can vinyl siding be recycled?

As the climate change associated with global warming causes increases in erratic and extreme weather events, today’s homeowners are looking for high performance exteriors. They are also seeking companies that have an eco-conscious mindset.

This past summer, a hailstorm ripped its way through Calgary, Alberta destroying homes along the way. The media inundated us with images of items being hauled off to landfills. The talk at the government level was about providing sustainable solutions to these affected communities.  We realized we had to step up.

Kaycan’s steady focus on developing and implementing environmentally friendly practices pushed us to launch our new GreenSENSE R3V (Reclaim, Regrind and Reprocess) program.  Kaycan’s R3V pledges to take back used or unused vinyl siding, regrind these items and repurpose them into accessories that are hidden on a house exterior.

A growing initiative

The R3V program started in Calgary and quickly grew, expanding into more regions across Canada and the United States. In talking with our customers, we noticed that looking for a way to do their part and lessen their overall carbon footprint. This program has enabled us show us customers another level or our commitment to our partnerships by offering them valued solutions.

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“As a company that has focused on finding ways to reduce our environmental impact, we are very excited that Kaycan is recycling vinyl siding and not sending it to the landfill. Together, we can impact our environment while still providing a great service to our clients.”

Michael Desjardins , Triumph Renovations

How this benefits our customers

  • Helps in reducing job site waste.
  • Save money on landfill disposal.
  • Helps with your efforts to build a “green” home.

Kaycan is proud to be propelling the industry forward in developing a recycling model that builders, contractors, homeowners and communities can benefit from in a multitude of ways – if they are using vinyl siding.