Over the last decade, the construction industry has continued to grow and the number of contractors has tripled! What does this mean for you? Your number of competitors has also increased!  And this is just one factor to consider …Another is the fact that your customers have evolved as well.  They are more and more savvy when it comes to knowing exactly what they want; they have done their homework online.

So the question is how will you stand out from the crowd and grow your business in this climate?

Increase your closing ratio by incorporating these 5 key ways to differentiate your company from the competition.

1) Skip the cookie cutter colors – Residents don’t want it

Homeowners are looking to select colors that will elevate the look of their home. As dark colors have seen an increase in popularity over the last few years, they know that not only will they be on trend; they will also be adding value to their home. In 2018, Zillow (real estate Database Company) compiled all the homes sold in the US, filtered them by color and noticed that on average darker colored homes sold for $10,000 more than their lighter counterparts.

Kaycan’s color selection, including these dark, brooding shades, is extensive and with the technology backing them, they are bar none.  Kaycan’s Colorfast technology ensures that color retains its deep hue for 25 years (an industry first). And to counteract the fact that dark colors absorb more heat, we developed our Helios technology which disperses heat absorption, the siding as well as your project will not be affected by the sun’s intense heat.

2) Go for High Performance Materials

Homeowners also base their decision on how the building materials will protect their home when nature rears its ugly head. In recent years, we have witnessed the reality of climate change from erratic storms to flash flooding; Mother Nature has shown what she is capable of. Choose high performance materials that will show your customers that you understand their concerns.

For example, for many years, siding’s performance was gauged by wind speed. The industry has now learned that taking it by Design Pressure is actually more effective, especially for the coastal regions. Kaycan’s vinyl siding includes the Cyclone System, a rolled/reinforced nail hem for extra rigidity and wind resistance. And that’s not all; in fact, our value-added features are standard on all our collections.

3) Mix it Up!

Homeowners are gravitating towards mixing building materials for their home exterior. A popular trend, mixing different materials such as aluminum and wood adds more depth and interest to a home’s exterior and can break up sections that might look too plain. Set your projects a part from the rest by incorporating different materials that complement each other.

4) Choose Products from Companies who stand behind their products

Like anything in life, homeowners need to know they are protected and when it comes to choosing building materials for your home, there is no difference.  At Kaycan, we fully understand that, therefore we stand by our products and the R&D behind them, allowing us to offer such a complete warranty.  Check out our Limited Lifetime Warranty here: https://kaycan.com/warranty/

5) Provide tools to help guide their decisions

Choosing colors for a home can be quite overwhelming. Homeowners often struggle with this part as it is such a big decision, adding both value and curb appeal to their home. As a contractor, set yourself apart by offering your customers information at their fingertips.  Kaycan offers a Color Selector Kit, a digital tool offering inspiration and different color combinations.

When your client has chosen vinyl siding as their exterior finish of choice — now it’s time to choose the vinyl siding colors. Homeowners also want to see their chosen colors on a virtual home before making a final decision. That’s where Home Designer 2.0 comes in.

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