Certified Vinyl Siding Installation Program

Millions of homes are being built each year and that number keeps growing.  Guess which siding is the most commonly used? That’s right, vinyl siding.  With all this siding being put up, proper installation has become more important than ever and that’s why we have our Certified Vinyl Siding Installation Program.  We also have our dedicated professional portal on our site will arm you with:

  • Install guides and manuals 
  • Detailed install videos
  • Helpful “dos and don’ts” quick videos 

These quality resources were developed with the professional in mind. Making sure information was at your disposal whenever you need it.

All this is great to have but before you look through all that, what about the installers putting up the siding. Have they been properly trained?

Whether you’re re-siding an existing home or planning a build, you know that quality installation is just as important as the quality of products that you will use.

Improper installation of vinyl siding is the primary cause of poor product performance and customer dissatisfaction. Not to mention shoddy installations can also void manufactures warranties.

Using experienced, trained and certified professionals helps ensure that the vinyl siding will not only look good but will live up to all its performance benefits.

Why it’s important to hire or have your installers trained:

  • You will have fewer call backs
  • Certain regions will require certifications
  • Homeowners are willing to pay the little extra for that added piece of mind

Providing experienced professionals with thorough training on industry approved vinyl siding install, is a win for all those involved from the manufacturer all the way to the homeowner.

Protect your reputation and maximize the quality of your workmanship by having your installers verified.

Find out more about our program by contacting one our of territory sales managers. 

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