Aluminum Rainware

Kaycan’s Aluminum Rain Carrying System provides both a professional, complementary finish and superior protection, perfect for any home’s exterior. Kaycan’s Performance Rainware is an easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant system which maintains a freshly painted look year-after-year.


Designed for durability and ease of installation, Kaycan’s Performance Aluminum rain carrying system provides a complementary finish and proper protection to any home’s exterior. Coated with Kaycan’s Polycoat 9000™ topcoat, Performance Aluminum rainware is corrosion-resistant and maintains a freshly painted look year after year.

  • Kaycan Polycoat 9000™ topcoat system will not blister, flake or crack.
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant finish never needs painting.
  • In-house aluminum coil coating ensures exceptional quality control.
  • Rich selection of decorative colors and complementary trims provide exceptional beauty that lasts.
  • Complete color-coordinated range of accessories add limitless design possibilities.
  • Chrome-free processes, water-conservation practices and waste minimization means full environmental responsibility in advance of industry standards.
  • Do-it Yourself, easy to install
55″ Gutter2302
10 pcs/CTN
10 pcs/CTN
55″ Joint Connector238310 pcs/CTN
55″ Outside Corner236020 pcs/CTN
55″ Inside Corner238020 pcs/CTN
55″ Quick Screw Hanger2421300 pcs/CTN
55″ Jumbo Hanger2438400 pcs/CTN
55″ Stamped Hanger2430
500 pcs/CTN
10 pcs/bag
55″ Extruded Hanger2432
500 pcs/CTN
10 pcs/bag
Gutter Hanger Roof StrapGutter Hanger Roof Strap243700100 pcs/CTN
55″ Clip on Hanger242900500 pcs/CTN
55″ Drop Outlet23875 pcs/CTN
55″ Gutter Wedge2395350 pcs/CTN
55″ Left End Cap2400200 sq.ft.
55″ Right End Cap240150 pcs/CTN
55″ Aluminum Proguard II22600010′400 ft./CTN
40 pcs/CTN
Performance 5Performance 5″ Proguard || 4′2263004′100 ft./CTN
25 pcs/CTN.
55″ Inside Strip Miltre238120 pcs/CTN
55″ Outside Strip Mitre238220 pcs/CTN
55″ Inside Bay Mitres237920 pcs/CTN
55″ Outside Bay Mitres237820 pcs/CTN
66″ Aluminum Proguard ||22620010′300 ft. / CTN
30 pcs/CTN
66″ Aluminum Proguard || 4′2264004′100 ft./ CTN
25 pcs/CTN
66″ Inside Strip Mitre238520 pcs/CTN
66″ Outside Strip Mitre238620 pcs/CTN
66″ Left End Cap240250 pcs/CTN
66″ Right End Cap240350 pcs/CTN
66″ Quick Screw Hanger2422200 pcs/CTN
66″ Jumbo Hanger2445400 pcs/CTN
66″ Gutter Wedge2396200 pcs/CTN
66″ Premium Clip-On Hanger2427450 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ Downspout21209′-10″10 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ A Elbow251030 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ A Elbow Offset251630 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ A Elbow Offset 30 Degrees251550 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ B-Elbow253030 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ B-Elbow 30 Degrees253250 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ Poly Outlets257001100 pcs/CTN
Pipe StrapPipe Strap2540100 pcs/CTN
2 3/82 3/8″ Pop-In Outlet25730030 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ B-Drop257030 pcs/CTN
55″ Drop Outlet23875 pcs/CTN
22″ x 3″ Tile Cover8420
33″ x 4″ Downspout21249′-10″12 pcs/CTN
33″ x 4″ A Elbow251430 pcs/CTN
33″ x 4″ A Elbow Offset251836 pcs/CTN
33″ x 4″ B-Elbow253130 pcs/CTN
33″ x 4″ B-Drop258050 pcs/CTN
2 3/42 3/4″ Pop-In-Outlet257450 pcs/CTN
33″ x 4″ Tile Cover8423200 pcs/CTN
Pipe StrapPipe Strap2540100 pcs/CTN

Aluminum Gutter Coils

CodeGaugeWidthPer rollColors
0787.027”15″300 lbsWolf White
Chocolate Low-Gloss / Wolf White
Ivory Low-Gloss / Wolf White
Linen White / Wolf White
Prestige Beige / Wolf White
Black Semi-Gloss / Wolf White
Pearl Grey / Wolf White
Polar White
US Bronze / Wolf White
Matchcoat Sandalwood / Wolf White
Matchcoat Beige / Wolf White
Charcoal / Wolf White
Sandalwood / Wolf White
Wicker / Wolf White
0785.027”11.875”300 lbsWolf White
Pearl Gray / Wolf White
Sandalwood / Wolf White
Ivory Low-Gloss / Wolf White
Linen White / Wolf White
Black Semi-Gloss / Wolf White
Forest Green / Wolf White
Prestige Beige / Wolf White
Chocolate Low-Gloss / Wolf White
Charcoal / Wolf White
Polar White
Polar White / Chocolate
Matchcoat Sandalwood / Wolf White
Matchcoat Beige / Wolf White
US Bronze / Wolf White

Gutter Sentry
The unique patented design of Gutter Sentry turns your average gutter into a complete box design, providing unequalled strength against bending, twisting and crushing. The Gutter Sentry allows the eavestroughs to remain firmly in place in extreme weather conditions, without sagging because of snow and ice formation. Its twenty 1/8 in. holes per square inch provide unequalled drainage capacity and up to more than 4 times the heaviest precipitations known worldwide.

Remember, clogged eaves troughs are worse for your home than no eaves troughs at all. Use Gutter Sentry to eliminate a wide array of problems, like:

  • Eaves troughs damaged by ice
  • Frozen sidewalks and driveway
  • Wasp and birds’ nests
  • Damaged landscaping
  • Rotting fascia and soffits
  • Foundation damaged by water and ice
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Gutter Sentry


Gutter Sentry

GS20255” Gutter Sentry210 ft/CTN7′
GS50266” Gutter Sentry175 ft/CTN7′