Yes, winter is here and for some (including me) not a time we particularly enjoy. Truth be told I do love the cheerful Holiday season, the different textures in winter fashion but most of all I adore the icy hues. The glacial blues, frosty whites and silvery grays they all seem so magical. We sometimes forget about these colors banishing them and focusing on the warmer tones.

So magical…in the light.

I say bring them forth! Play around with the different color combinations. We offer such an array; it would be shame not to give them a look. Don’t get me wrong, these wintry tones do very well in the summer, with the rays of sunshine bringing out their full potential. It is incredible what lighting can do to vinyl siding. For example, our Slate Gray (Timberlake series) color will look stern against wintry winds, however, in July’s glorious sun, the same gray will look illuminating. Same goes for our Azure Blue shade (Timberlake series). This color will take on a warmer tone on chilly days, yet reveal its vibrant side come summer. Sounds odd but test it for yourself. Take a few color swatches out on different days and be amazed at the contrast.

Explore color

Changing the color of your home is a big project but it is definitely worth it. Not only will it freshen up the look of your home, but it will also add instant curb appeal. Take your time and explore all our color offerings. You can also discover what your color selections will look on your home!  Our Home Designer 2.0 is an incredible tool that will allow you to upload a picture of your home, and select different profiles and colors until you’ve found the right fit!