When it comes to your home remodel, you want to make sure to cover all your siding options.  When you find the perfect profile and color, your home will make a statement without saying a word. Let’s take a look at the vinyl siding options that suit your project best.

Discover your Vinyl Siding options for your home remodel

Lap Siding

Lap siding offers a traditional and timeless look to your home through a variety of styles, textures and colors.  Design options include Traditional Lap, Dutch Lap, and Beaded styles.

With any of these styles, you can choose from a selection of wood grain textures that realistically mimic the look of real wood without the hassles of maintenance that come with real wood siding.

Looking for more details? Take a look at our collections here: https://kaycan.com/vinyl-siding/lap-siding/

lap siding options

Vertical Siding

Vertical and Board & Batten siding are popular choices for both accent and primary siding. Choose from traditional vertical panels or a board & batten style that alternates wide and narrow vertical panels to recreate a classic look often associated with historical homes. Like horizontal siding, vertical siding comes in many different profiles, finishes, and dimensions giving you a wide range of options.

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Insulated Siding

If you are looking for the look of lap siding, but with a little extra protection from the elements, we’ve got you covered with insulated siding.  With our Ocean Park XLTM Ultra and Richmond UltraTM collections, you will enjoy the benefits of this siding category.

Need more info?  Learn the four reasons why your home needs insulated siding: https://kaycan.com/vinyl-siding/insulated-siding/

insulated siding options


Shake siding has a unique look that can enhance the architecture and style of your home. Kick your home’s curb appeal up a notch with their rustic charm, delivering a stunning and inviting exterior. Vinyl shakes and shingles can be used on the whole house or as a striking accent on gables and dormers. Combine it with other siding materials such as stone for a real wow factor.

Design Tip! Choosing them in a contrasting color will give your home a unique identity, making it a stand out in the neighborhood.

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Shake Siding

Use our online home exterior design tool: HOME DESIGNER 2.0 to help you decide on the new look for your remodeling or new construction project. It’s easy. Just upload a picture or blueprint of your home or project, or pick from a variety of sample homes.