Is vinyl siding worth the investment?

The value of curb appeal has been taking American homeowners by storm, according to HGTV. As designers across North America strive for an edge in design, vinyl siding has stolen the spotlight and has become the leading option for exterior cladding. Its popularity is due in large part to its abundance of colors, profiles, and textures. Vinyl siding has not only enabled homeowners to differentiate themselves, but it has also afforded them the luxury of making a savvy investment. Compared to other improvement projects an exterior home makeover with vinyl siding provides a better return on your investment

Recouping Total Costs: Stats taken from “Remodeling Magazine

Project*Cost*Recouped CostRecouped Cost Average
Vinyl siding replacement$12,013$9,69480.7%
Roofing replacement$19,528$13,97571.6%
Bathroom remodel$16,724$11,70770%
Major kitchen remodel$56,768$38,48567.8%

*Costs among the average national price of mid range remodeling projects

It’s difficult to say whether or not any other cladding material plays as vital a role in re cladding your home. What we can say, however, is that vinyl protects against the elements, provides architectural character, and is a truly valued building material that enables you to recoup the majority of your initial investment.

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