First impressions matter.The same stands true for your home, which is judged based on its exterior. That’s why, when it comes to vinyl siding for your home’s exterior, there are plenty of choices to make.

  • What color will you choose?
  • What profile will showcase well?
  • Which vinyl siding manufacturer will you choose from?
  • Will you use vertical or horizontal siding? Or even a mix?

Vertical Siding Options

Board and Batten or vertical siding adds distinction to any home, and it is still one of the most popular home siding styles used today. The time-honored siding is a favorite among plenty of builders and architects as a thoroughly modern material.

Kaycan’s Board & Batten vertical vinyl siding is available in two finishes, smooth and woodgrain; so you can choose the look that will perfectly offset your home’s individual style.  Ranging from neutrals to darks, our color palette has something for everyone.  You can feel confident indulging in the dark, bold colors with our Helios™ technology; it will protect your home from the effects of heat distortion.

Horizontal Siding Options

Installing your siding horizontally will bring a timeless look for your home.  Traditional – yes… but with Kaycan’s variety of colors and profiles, your home will be anything but ordinary.  In the horizontal category, you can choose from lap siding or insulated vinyl siding styles.  Discover our dark colors or choose one of the shades using our vinyl siding color chart.

Mix It Up!

Why not take both options and give your home a unique look?  Go ahead and get creative combining the two vinyl siding options!

Get Started

When choosing between vertical siding and horizontal siding you must first decide what you like and what will look good on your home.

You can start by checking out Kaycan’s Houzz or Pinterest channels for photos of recent projects, before & afters and colour combinations.

You can also take a drive around your neighborhood and look at other homes to learn what might work best with the style of your home.

Lastly you can use Kaycan’s online home exterior design tool: Home Designer 2.0 to upload a photo of your home and test different profiles, colours and vertical/horizontal siding options right before your eyes.