Let’s face it, a gutter system is not the most attractive element of your home, however it is a necessity. Its main function is to diligently direct rainwater away from the home, thus sheltering it from erosion. Designed for durability and ease of installation our rain carrying system ensures your home is protected for years to come. Now let us show you how to incorporate style with function.

It’s all about color…

Our Performance Aluminum rainware is available in a multitude of trend-right colors allowing you to perfectly match it to your existing exterior cladding.

Coordinating the gutter system to your siding color will enable you to dissimulate it, making your home the focus and not the gutters.


If you wish to be bold, then make the rainwear system stand out. Why not color match your aluminum gutter system to your home’s aluminum trim. We love the effect of brightness that this gutter system provides against this home.


For a contemporary style home, think of choosing black for your gutters. Adding this color will give your home a modern touch.

Might we add that our Performance aluminum rainware is coated with our Polycoat 9000 topcoat, which will ensure a freshly painted look year after year. No need to worry about fading.

A green touch…

Consider linking up your gutter system to a rain barrel enabling you to harvest rainwater for watering your plants. Efficient water use is one of the guidelines in obtaining LEED certification for green-built homes, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint.