A story about customer service

We at Kaycan have seen results come to life when going above and beyond for our customers, and we relish the opportunity to provide them with strategic solutions for their sales efforts.

Here’s a brief story about a customer from the Ottawa region, and how Kaycan assisted him in closing a sale:

The customer was facing tough competition for a given contract, and reached out to Kaycan for some color swatches. Rather than providing the standard swatches that all salesmen use, Kaycan suggested to the customer that he present a Timberlake™ and DaVinci™ display case, along with a Perfection Shingle brochure and color fan. If you’re gearing up for a tough sales pitch, why not come prepared with the best ammunition!

The customer agreed. He envisioned that presenting with these materials would make him look more professional, help him stand out versus his competitors throughout the sales process, and be better equipped to handle the client’s needs moving forward. A few days later, the customer happily placed an order for 6 boxes of Perfection Shingles and 7 boxes of Timberlake™ woodgrain siding.

Kaycan’s attention to detail and eagerness to present a viable sales solution that differentiated the customer from his competition was the ultimate difference maker. Going that extra mile resulted in a very satisfied customer and homeowner, while reiterating Kaycan’s attitude towards delivering strong customer service.

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