Urbanix is a premium aluminum siding that provides unrivalled benefits in exterior cladding. Manufactured with high tensile strength aluminum and premium gauge thickness, it is stronger than regular aluminum, making it extremely durable, and it will never rust or rot. As a result, Urbanix boasts low lifetime costs making it significantly more cost-effective than other types of siding.

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Urbanix Is The Affordable Solution For Future-Thinking, Bold Architects, Designers & Builders.

  • Strong

Stronger than regular aluminum, manufactured with high tensile strength aluminum.

  • Stunning colors

Choose from solid, low gloss, bold colors to two-tone authentic wood tones.

  • Contemporary

Sleek look is perfectly suited for modern contemporary designs.

  • Warranty

Get Kaycan’s unmatched 40 year warranty on Urbanix products.

  • Affordable

Achieve the same look for a lower lifetime cost and less maintenance. Will not rust or rot.

  • Sustainable

Chrome-free processes & waste minimization through recycling & reusing

Take a look at this stunning design example of Urbanix by ADL Homes; this project is a single family, high end, contemporary home based in White Rock, B.C.

Urbanix siding on a house
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