With autumn upon us, we cannot help but feel inspired by Mother Nature’s beauty. When it comes to vinyl siding, a few colors are definitely synonymous with fall, think of reds, oranges and yellows. Although these colors might not be for everyone, let’s take a look at how they can enhance your home’s beauty.

Cabot Red

Cabot Red is somehow bold and subdued all at once. This shade is quite versatile given the chance. Think of pairing red with grays and blacks to capture a contemporary feeling. Mixing it with neutral trims and accents will play down its dramatic flair. Be the envy of your neighborhood with this shade.

Autumn Harvest

If you want a color that will definitely grab attention, Autumn Harvest is the color for you. A bright, bold shade that you can also smell.  Mixing our Cedar color with darker trims such as Commercial Brown will ground this color and tone it down. If you wish to further highlight this shade we suggest pairing it with white. This beautiful warm color reminds us of that perfect slice of pumpkin pie and who can resist that!

Golden Honey

If you are in search of the perfect happy shade, Golden Honey is the color you want. This shade reminds us of sunbeams in the late afternoon, that perfect drizzle of honey on our French toast. This serene color harmonizes perfectly either darker accents or white ones for added touch of light.  This color will brighten up the neighborhood and who doesn’t want to be the star!

Color Protection

What is it they say… beauty isn’t everything. Granted, these vinyl siding fall colors will definitely enhance the beauty of your home. Although, it is equally important to consider the practical side. You want siding that will last be strong and durable. Kaycan’s Helios Technology provides unique properties and heat resistance capabilities that are ideal for the new dark colors trends for home exteriors. The Colorfast Technology will equally create a resistance to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays that cause fading.

We hope we have inspired you with these fall colors, why not see how they can look on your home by uploading your house to our Home Designer 2.0 .