Why choosing dark vinyl siding color combinations will accentuate the look and curb appeal of your home?

Over the past few years, dark Vinyl Siding Color Combinations have become extremely popular. Many builders and homeowners are electing to use darker colors as an exterior siding option.

Here’s a home built with DaVinci Cabot Brown vinyl siding, along with Musket Brown louvered shutters, a Wicker gable vent, Sandalwood gutters and trim, and a stone accent framing the door. These dark colors suit many house styles.

This is a great example of a house with high curb appeal, due in large part to its dark colored vinyl siding paired with lighter accents. Adding Sandalwood colored trims meshes beautifully with this look, and the home stands out because of all its carefully highlighted architectural features.

Curb appeal adds value, particularly resale value, and since this house style  coincides with the emergence of darker colored siding, it’s something to think about as we enter this year’s building season. Try the Kaycan Home Designer 2.0 and see how these colors impact your homes curb appeal.

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