At this time of year festive colors surround us…bright reds, deep greens, cool blues and crisp whites.  They have the power to trigger our holiday spirit in an instant!  If you want to learn more about their holiday color origins click here.

With such emotionally packed colors, it’s hard to not be inspired to incorporate them into our design style.  Who doesn’t want their home to be a reflection of such wonderful, family moments?

Amongst our wide selection of colors, reds, greens and blues are standouts.



Emphasize the true character of your home’s personality with a bold, rich red.

 Cabot Red                          Colonial Red

Cabot Redcolonial red


Lovely, nature-inspired greens are timeless.

   Willow Green                         Ivy Green

willow greenivy green


Always fresh and yet, always inviting, your home is an oasis with a cool, calming blue.

                        Midnight Blue                         Cabot Blue                              
midnight blueCabot Blue

Discover how these color combinations may look on your home by uploading your home to our Home Designer 2.0.  Let the holidays leave you inspired!