The story of a four-season resort in North Carolina and its decision to invest in vinyl siding for the future

Beech Mountain, NC – a gem located in the beautiful countryside of the Tar Heel State. The resort, a four-season treasure, offers residents and tourists a wide array of activities and lodging accommodations. Beech Mountain’s scenic pastures are breathtaking; a region in which tranquility and nature are at the forefront. A 5-star ski resort and a year-round family destination with activities such as golf, mountain biking, and mountain-top yoga – simply put, Beech Mountain has it all!

In 2014, resort officials elected to renovate one of their residential blocks, The Pinnacle Inn, with vinyl siding. The project’s mission: to re-clad four buildings with Kaycan’s Richmond™ Ultra. Prior to the renovation, the buildings consisted of wood siding, and the resort was looking to change the aesthetic complexion of the buildings and maximize their insulation to withstand the harsh climatic conditions Beech Mountain faces.

The decision to replace the complex’s wood siding with vinyl siding was threefold:

  1. Durability
  2. Low-Maintenance
  3. Improved Insulation

The resort needed to invest in a product that made sense for the mountain’s extreme climates. Standing 7,000 ft. above sea level and often enduring high gusts of wind topping 80 mph, it was essential for Beech Mountain to choose a siding that’s capable of surviving harsh winters. Furthermore, the resort was looking to cut down on its maintenance costs, as its old wood siding required constant repainting and touch-ups. A profile with an insulated wall system would make the complex more comfortable for its habitants, because indoor temperatures would be better regulated and exterior noise levels reduced.

Alas, the decision was made to install Kaycan Richmond™ Ultra!

Beech Mountain chose to install vinyl siding that would add curb appeal to the complex, making it more attractive for future buyers and tourists. The resort understood that investing in vinyl siding would be an investment in the people who visit the mountain. Beech Mountain’s brand new vinyl siding will surely enhance the experience of the many residents and tourists who will travel to the resort for years to come.

  • Beautiful lodging accommodations with curb appeal to complement the region’s surroundings
  • Siding that will withstand extreme weather across all seasons
  • Siding that requires no re-painting or daily maintenance upkeep
  • Well-insulated complexes with reduced interior noise from the outside and climate-controlled temperature

Kaycan represented a solution for Beech Mountain. They fixed their infrastructure, and laid the foundation for continued success and satisfaction with their clientele. So next time you in the area, we highly recommend you plan a visit, and enjoy all the resort has to offer!