In the 1930’s, aluminum siding was first introduced to the home construction sector. This was the perfect siding option when compared to wood siding, affordable, durable and best of all, low maintenance. Aluminum cladding enjoyed an extended period of being the preferred siding choice.

The energy crisis of the 1970’s drove prices of raw materials to skyrocket, this included aluminum. This situation lead to alternative siding options to infiltrated the market, such as vinyl siding and stucco. Due to its economical price point, vinyl cladding took off and remained the primary choice for home builders for decades.

Trending Material

In the past few years, we have seen a resurgence in popularity vis a vis aluminum siding. Why you may ask given the different types of siding available? The industrial look of aluminum is definitely driving the trend. Not only does this material offer a sleek contemporary design, it also comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The perfect material for added depth and dimension.

Benefits of Aluminum Siding Are Still Relevant Today

The features that made aluminum siding so popular back in the day, are still relevant.

  • Light weight material, leading for a faster install. This will help save on labor costs.
  • Low maintenance, no need for specialized cleaning solutions. An easy solution of water and soap will do it.
  • Safe and easy installation, no need for respirators or unique tools. See how installation instructions here.
  • Exceptional fire rating, CAN/ULC-S102 meets CAN/ULC-S114-05, this allows for close proximity builds as well as commercial projects.
  • Durable, aluminum will not rust, rot and is insect proof.
  • Sustainable, aluminum is a highly recyclable material (verify with your local recycling facilities for more info)
  • Worry free warranty, peace of mind for years to come. Learn more here.

A Modern Siding Alternative

Elevate the look of any project by incorporating aluminum siding, use it to highlight architectural focal points or side the entire building for that ultra-modern look. The variety of colors and finished combined with its long list of benefits, it’s no wonder aluminum cladding is gaining momentum.