Whether your project is a new construction or a renovation, your choice is likely to be one of our trend colours for 2023.

This year, we see a certain continuity in the choice of darker colours. These rich dark colours will not only withstand the test of time, they are poised to become classics.

Here are our trendy colour choices for 2023


Our MANOR colour is our darkest siding shade. Manor is an energizing colour that creates bold lines and striking contrasts that will add dimension, ambiance and a touch of luxury to any residential building. This colour works well paired with trims in various shades of gray and MAHOGANY brown as an accent.


PECAN is our trendy 2023 colour, which is the lightest. It works with all architectural styles. Adding darker colours such as MANOR and SPICE accents will give your home a modern and clean look, making it more welcoming and warm.


Stonecrest is our standout colour for 2023, not that this one is a showy colour, but its gray tone with an earthy undertone that makes this one chicly sophisticated without being pretentious. A versatile colour that can be paired with lighter trims and accents to highlight its inner light or with darker moldings to highlight its gray tones.


Who hasn’t wished they lived in a castle? CASTLEMORE is one of our most popular dark colours. A colour that gives you a certain comfort, a sense of well-being in our home. This glamorous colour pairs well with light gray tones like our SLATE GRAY as well as with the earth tone accents such as our BRICK colour. Your home will project a subtle dramatic feel yet still be quite inviting.


URBAN BLUE is a mysterious colour that evokes a stormy sea. It will enhance the look of your home. Bring out its dark tones by choosing accents and moldings in the same colour palette, or soften it with warm earth tones. Add a little mystery to your life!

Get inspired by our colour combinations by visiting our colour page. Apply and test these colours on a photo of your home using our Home Designer 2.0 tool, which offers you endless possibilities.