When it comes to all the layers of your home, we always tell our clients that the exterior of your home is often the most significant. While all the different parts of your walls work together, it’s the exterior that defends your home from our harsh Canadian elements.

So in choosing an exterior finish that will look great and last long, our clients look to us for recommendations. With a style in mind they start to explore the different options but like many homeowners, their first concerns are quality and price and thus we always recommend Kaycan building products.

We’ve been using Kaycan building products for only 4 years now but the level of satisfaction our clients show is bar none. A wide selection of styles and color pallets allow our clients to achieve the right combination for a perfectly beautiful exterior finish.

We mostly serve the Ottawa, Ontario area and we observe some very interesting trends in this region as our clients and their designers make selections from the wide range of Kaycan products.

Each community in the area has their own trends but what really stands out as we complete projects year after year is the prominent use of engineered wood siding coupled with polypropylene shakes on dormers and gables.

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