Sitting down with our customers gives us great insight on their needs & expectations and, this way, we can learn how we are meeting those needs. Recently, we sat down with Steve and Tara from The Third Estimate – a home improvement company that has been serving customers in Northeast Ohio since 1996.

Kaycan: Tell us a bit about your company

TTE: The Third Estimate is family-owned and operated business, specializing in windows, siding and roofing. We believe in quality production and installation while offering budget-friendly options to the masses.

Kaycan: How long has The Third Estimate been a partner of Kaycan?

TTE: We have been using Kaycan for over 15 years. We build relationships with customers, as well as our manufacturers. One thing we’ve found is communication with customers has been a key point, and over the years our communication with customers has gotten better. Our relationship with Kaycan is strong.

Kaycan: What do you think accounts for the longevity of this relationship?

TTE: Kaycan has so many advantages compared to our other vendors, suppliers.

Kaycan: Do your customers do their research prior to contacting you?

TTE: Definitely, homeowners are all “digital” now.  They are way more knowledgeable now.  In fact, that’s what we are referring to in our company name (The Third Estimate) – we encourage people to get multiple estimates just like the BBB. We know we are a bit more educated on how to install, what to install and what looks good on a home. We care about our customers and we want their house to look good.

Kaycan: What are the design trends in Ohio?

TTE: Gray & beige is very popular with our homeowners! We always add detail with Board & Batten and/or Perfection Shake – making their home design/style unique.

We also use Home Designer 2.0 – it is a great tool to give people a good idea on what their house will look like.  Additionally, we like to use larger color samples, which we find helps people make a decision in their home color.

Kaycan: What most impresses you with Kaycan?

TTE: Customer service is very important for us, as we have recently added a Customer Service Manager.  So we know what we are looking for and we have to say what impresses us the most at Kaycan is the service at the Supply Centers! They try to get it done; they are quick with responses and are easy to work with.

We also like that they are relaxed in the office; we laugh a lot. And…Any issue is always handled!  If we have a service issue, it is always resolved by Kaycan.

Lastly, we also work with insurance companies for storm damage in our area.  Kaycan is always really helpful with this, finding more specific matches for siding.

And that’s why we keep the relationship.

If you are interested in sharing your story with Kaycan, please contact us!