Covered Bridge Community

Newtown Connecticut


Country Lumber/ Contracting Advisors Group LLC

Contracting Advisors Group, Newtown Connecticut


Contracting Advisors Group, LTD is a full service development company offering expertise in all disciplines connected with the successful delivery of single and multifamily projects, specializing in land development, from creating new planning and zoning regulations to the delivery of the final product.


Current status is that The club house and building #1 is up and complete- there are 5 more buildings to come throughout 2018- 2019


Located in Newtown, Ct., Covered Bridge Community consists of 180 rental units in 6 buildings. Site work is complete for the first phase along with the Club House. Occupancy is planned for mid-June 2018.

The project began in 2017, with Kaycan being chosen based on product quality and value. Being offered a thinner gauge panel by a competitor, the developer saw the value, and long-term benefit, in selecting the thicker Kaycan panel. The added value of being able to match materials down the road was key.

The outcome was a beautiful clubhouse and the 1st building of 6.  We are looking forward to seeing the project completion.