How to Repair Vinyl Siding

So your client loves their siding color and their home still looks great. Unfortunately, a small section of their siding needs to be repaired.  Repairing vinyl siding with replacement panels is an easy fix – here are some tips for a quick siding repair job with color matched panels!

Replacing a damaged panel

To remove a panel for any reason:

  • Slip the zip lock or unlocking tool behind the bottom of the panel above the one to be replaced and unzip it from the lock on the damaged panel (Figure 1).
  • Gently bend out the upper panel. Take the nails out of the damaged panel and remove it (Figure 2).
  • Lock on the new panel and nail it up (Figure 3).
  • Use the unlocking tool again to zip the upper panel over the lock on the new panel (Figure 4).
replacing damaged vinyl siding instructions

How to Repair a Vinyl Siding Corner

Repair a damaged corner post with a series of cuts:

  • Cut away the face of the damaged corner, leaving the nail hem and pocket intact.
  • Remove the nailing hem from the replacement corner (Figure 5).
  • Place the new corner over the remaining portions of the old one and fasten it into position with one rivet on either side located at the top of the post.
how to repair vinyl siding corner

Tips on Color Matching Existing Siding

When color matching siding panels, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • First step is to check on the back of the panel, if you see the manufacturer’s serial code, you are in luck! Contact the manufacturer if further details are required.
  • If the code is not there, take the panel piece to a local lumberyard to match. Often, they will be able to match with other samples they have on hand.
  • If you think you have found a match, reach out to the manufacturer for a color sample. Always check both sample pieces outside; the light will properly reflect the colors.

Proper vinyl siding installation

Whether you’re re-siding an existing home or planning a build, you know that quality installation is just as important as the quality of products that you will use.

Improper installation of vinyl siding is the primary cause of poor product performance and customer dissatisfaction. Not to mention shoddy installations can also void manufactures warranties. VSI certified trainer, Wayne Corcoran, suggests “handing a printed copy of the manufactures installation guide to the installer before starting the job and letting them know your expectations is that the guide will be followed.”

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Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Once you have repaired the damaged siding panels, your customer may be eager to learn the proper cleaning and maintenance required for their home. The good news? Vinyl siding requires very minimal maintenance.  Check out our easy maintenance tips here: