When talking about new architectural trends, there is one key term to take into consideration: sustainable building, also known as green building. It refers to the adoption of environmentally responsible materials and the use of efficient resources throughout the whole building process.

Kaycan understands that the growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. We’ve ensured that our vinyl products meet the strictest environmental standards set forth by local authorities. Our insulated siding, for example, ensures your wall is covered with a beautiful, sturdy wall system that will add comfort and energy savings to your home.


Kaycan’s GreenSENSE Program

The GreenSENSE program was developed by Kaycan employees with one goal in mind, to enable our customers and colleagues to engage in more socially, economically and environmentally responsible practices. The GreenSENSE philosophy has been applied from our manufacturing processes all the way through to our day-to-day tasks. Kaycan’s GreenSENSE program ensures a steady commitment to developing and implementing environmentally friendly practices for our customers and employees.

R3V Program


Kaycan’s steady commitment to developing and implementing environmentally friendly practices has pushed us to take action and launch our R3V program.  Kaycan will reclaim, regrind and repurpose used vinyl siding. Our commitment to this recycling program for vinyl siding and accessories is for both new construction and renovation projects! If you are replacing your old siding with Kaycan vinyl siding, email us to see how our program can benefit you!

Click here for complete sustainability details in the BEES report https://www.vinylsiding.org/blog/the-birds-and-the-bees-of-vinyl-sidings-sustainable-benefits/

Can Vinyl Siding Be Recycled?